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Giving Baby the Benefit: The Cord Clamp Debate

by Dr. Abby Lankhorst on July 16, 2015

Baby DeliveryWhen you are expecting, you hear a lot of advice about “what’s best for baby.” Now there may be a way you hadn’t thought much about to give baby an extra boost – keeping baby attached to the umbilical cord just a little bit longer.

When discussing a birth plan with my patients at Methodist Physicians Clinic Women’s Center, we often address the subject of cord clamping and the right time to do this.

Cord clamping is when you block off the newborns umbilical cord with a disposable clamp and cut the cord to separate it from the placenta which is often not yet delivered. Traditionally this occurs immediately – within 30 seconds – of delivering baby.
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Breast is Best – for Fighting Cancer

by Katina Granger on July 2, 2015

When a woman makes the decision to breastfeed, baby’s health and wellness is usually the first thing on her mind. However moms receive just as many benefits, if not more, than their growing infants.

One such benefit moms may not realize is the decreased risk of cancer. Research shows breastfeeding reduces a woman’s risk of both breast and ovarian cancer. The more months a mother breastfeeds – one child or multiple children – the lower their cancer risk.

“With all the premenopausal, estrogen-based cancers, your breast cancers and ovarian cancers, the estrogen stays at a lower level so it’s just a benefit to those body organs,” said Kolene Moore, RNC, BSN, IBCLC, lactation consultant at Methodist Women’s Hospital.

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The Little Pink Pill

Thumbnail image for The Little Pink Pill June 18, 2015

We’ve all heard of Viagra, the little blue pill that can help men with sexual erectile dysfunction. Now, an FDA advisory panel has just approved the first female version of Viagra to help women who struggle with female hypoactive sexual desire disorder – female sexual dysfunction. (Final FDA approval is expected this fall.) And while […]

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When it’s Her “First Time”

Thumbnail image for When it’s Her “First Time” June 4, 2015

There comes a day when every girl must take that first step and join a sisterhood of women taking control of their better health. It can be both exciting and terrifying… for both girls and their moms. “It’s meant to be a clinic where moms and their daughters can have a positive bonding experience with […]

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Six Miscarriage Questions Every Woman Needs Answered

Thumbnail image for Six Miscarriage Questions Every Woman Needs Answered May 21, 2015

It is a very difficult but important subject many women know very little about. Most women, if they have not personally experienced a miscarriage, know someone who has. It’s a tough subject not only because it often occurs at the time we are the most happy, but it is usually unpredictable and unpreventable. Unfortunately, because […]

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Making the Most Out of Menopause

Thumbnail image for Making the Most Out of Menopause May 8, 2015

When you hear the word “menopause,” what comes to mind? Hot flashes? Night sweats? Insomnia? Many women envision the uncomfortable years when the menopause transition takes place. However that period is only a brief window of the menopause experience. Today’s woman will spend a third of her life in menopause. The transition begins between the […]

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The Importance of ME in Menopause

Thumbnail image for The Importance of ME in Menopause May 7, 2015

Old, aged, achy, fat, sleepless and exhausted. They’re the six top complaints physicians at the Methodist Physicians Clinic Women’s Center Menopause clinic hear over and over again from women entering or going through menopause. If they’re yours… you’re not alone. “Sometimes I get lists,” said Dr. Julia Bishop, OB/GYN at Methodist Physicians Clinic Women’s Center. […]

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What’s Safe during Pregnancy? The Truth about Dying your Hair and Massages

Thumbnail image for What’s Safe during Pregnancy? <i>The Truth about Dying your Hair and Massages</i> April 16, 2015

In previous generations, women experienced pregnancy not really concerned about the safety of some of life’s little luxuries. But today’s expecting mom has much more information at her fingertips. While more information is great, it can also bring on some confusion about what is and isn’t safe to do during pregnancy. While there may not […]

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Menopause is Here! Do You Really Still Need an Annual Exam?

Thumbnail image for Menopause is Here! Do You Really Still Need an Annual Exam? April 3, 2015

With the arrival of menopause – generally between the ages of 45 and 55 – means many changes for a woman. Periods cease, as does the ability to bear a child. So do you really need to schedule an annual pelvic exam? The short answer is yes – and there are a host of reasons […]

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Let’s Talk About Sex after Baby

Thumbnail image for Let’s Talk About Sex after Baby April 2, 2015

It’s one of those “taboo” topics that most soon-to-be new moms worry about but may be afraid to discuss: Having sex after delivering your baby. Let’s face it, a lot of stuff is going on down there after baby is born. It can be painful or just feel “different.” Either way, the first intimate experience […]

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