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Pregnant? What You Need to Know about Zika

by Dr. Jessica Jones on February 4, 2016

Aedes MosquitoHealth care providers are being asked a lot of questions these days about the latest disease to make global headlines: Zika virus. Many of those questions are coming from women who are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant… and rightly so. The virus puts their unborn babies at risk.

The Zika virus has been linked to microcephaly – a serious and potentially deadly congenital brain deformity. The deformity causes infants to be born with an underdeveloped brain and skull.

So what do women need to know about Zika?

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Don’t Let “Mesh” Fears Keep You from Seeking Help

by Katina Granger on January 7, 2016

A new statement from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) just ruled a device once commonly used to help repair pelvic organ prolapse in women to be considered as “high risk.” The ruling comes after thousands of women reported injuries from pelvic mesh.

The change comes after years of women reporting complications such as pain, bleeding and infection after surgeries to correct pelvic organ prolapse. It’s a condition where the bladder or vagina begin to slip out of place, causing pain, discomfort and other symptoms.

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Kardashian Complication Brings Awareness to Accreta

December 17, 2015
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Even if you don’t follow celebrity news, it is difficult to miss Kim Kardashian and her new baby. Besides the wait to hear her new baby’s name, there was quite a bit of talk about her complicated pregnancy. Reports said Kim was diagnosed with placenta accreta, a condition several women have asked me about recently. […]

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Labor Pains: Help for the Hurt

December 10, 2015
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Let’s face it… childbirth can be a painful process. As a midwife, it’s my job to be there – encouraging, assisting and anticipating a woman’s needs during labor. While many women choose to use pain medications, there are many others who do not. One of my many roles is to help a woman find which […]

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Top Ten Tips for Better Breastfeeding

December 3, 2015
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Most new moms know that breast milk is the best, healthiest option for baby. But what surprises many women is that breastfeeding does not always come naturally. “New moms can deal with challenges like sore nipples, low milk supply or engorgement,” said Kolene Moore, certified lactation consultant at Methodist Women’s Hospital. “Sometimes they aren’t prepared […]

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Expecting? Get the Flu Vaccine

November 19, 2015
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Though we have managed to have a pretty nice fall, winter will inevitably come and bring the flu with it. And if you are or will be pregnant this flu season, the time to get your vaccine is now. The flu can be a very serious illness, especially when you are expecting. Pregnancy causes changes […]

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The Top 10 Things You Should Do to Prepare for Baby’s Arrival

November 12, 2015
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There it is… circled in red on your calendar: baby’s due date. But there is still so much left to do! Time to prioritize. What do you really need to do to prepare for baby’s arrival? Here are my recommended top ten:

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Solving Your Number One Problem with Number Two

November 5, 2015
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It’s an embarrassing problem that many don’t even want to discuss: fecal incontinence. “Many people who suffer fecal incontinence feel trapped,” said Dr. Paige Berryman, a board-certified urogynecologist at Methodist Physicians Clinic Women’s Center. “They are afraid to leave the house or go anywhere because they’d have an accident.” Those suffering from fecal incontinence have […]

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Testing for Every Trimester

October 22, 2015
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When you are pregnant, it seems like you undergo a lot of tests… one at each doctor visit of your pregnancy. But do you really know what they’re all for? Testing in pregnancy is a way your doctor can detect problems in either mother or baby.  Here’s a snapshot of what they are, and what […]

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Tell-Tale Signs Predict When Baby Will Arrive (or Not)

October 15, 2015
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The final month of pregnancy is filled with excitement and anticipation. So many preparations have been made for the big arrival: Showers have been given, nurseries painted, cribs assembled and diapers purchased. Then you wait. You wait for some type of sign. Is that a contraction? Did I feel a trickle? I swear I lost […]

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